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Bolder Inspiration 5 miler – Race Report

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Trenton Falls

So I ran this little race yesterday. Hosted by good friend, Rich Karaz of The Sneaker Store, this gem of a race is run on the tree lined, dirt roads in Trenton Falls. Rich tops the entries out at 250, and the event is as intimate as a backyard party. Stunningly beautiful, quiet, lush…streams, meadows, blue sky and deep dark shade…its all there to immerse yourself in.

The course  starts off with a long, steep climb and then levels out to some gentle rolling hills with a nice downhill finish. I ran this race in 2012 and recall some serious huffing and puffing, side holding and maybe even a little walking.  It’s a tough course. I ran it with a friend that year and she left me at the downhill because I was moving so slowly. It took me almost an hour to run 5 miles, and I suffered the whole way. My “training” was geared toward the three sprint triathlons I was doing that summer and there wasn’t much running in my program. But I love Trenton Falls and wanted to run farther than I had in my other races so I gave it a whirl. And I promised I’d come back and do run it again.

Yesterday was redemption day for me at the Bolder Inspiration. Since the fall of 2013 my training has been thorough and consistent and it paid off. No huffing or puffing on the big hill. Rather, a steady tempo up, up, up and a push at the top. And I felt strong…really strong.  I could feel the difference in legs from before… maybe not be much faster – I wasn’t sure about pace…but the hills took less out of me than they did in 2012. Redemption… that was all I wanted out of BI this year. To prove to myself that I can get stronger and more fit as I age… that it’s not over after 40 (or 50!)… that there are new thresholds to reach and goals to attain. 





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