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We are all just walking each other home. -Ram Dass

Reconnecting with the kids

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This summer isn’t officially over, but for me it took a sharp turn this weekend. Kiddos number 3 and 4 return from their summer jobs by way of a trip to Boston. Tim and I have enjoyed our gloriously empty nest and yet there is nothing like the joy I experience when my babies return home.

In early June we dropped number 4 off at his summer camp job in Maine. On the way home we camped a few nights in Maine and New Hampshire, ate some of the best fresh seafood on the planet, rode our bikes along the seashore and then through mountain notches. It was quiet and peaceful when we returned to our CNY homestead. Just the dog and us for two and 1/2 months.

In the summer the kids are fairly remote and have limited cell service, so we don’t hear from them on a regular basis. Each time we do, it is a moment to treasure. Well, usually.¬†Sometimes number 3 will have a stressful work situation that needs to be discussed and managed, or number 4 will drop a life changing bombshell on us (I’m quitting school to be an organic farmer), but mostly our conversations are about the daily goings on and the weather and what they did on their days off. In the past Tim and I have taken vacations near their work so we can visit each one for an afternoon and have some precious face time. Not this summer. And its been a long spell to go without seeing these guys.

Over the weekend we drove to Boston for number 1’s finance’s bridal shower; a rare opportunity for all 4 kids and parents to be together, and to bring the young’uns home. The reunion was like salve to my soul. I missed all four terribly and needed to lay eyes on them to see that they were healthy and whole. The kids have their own special, crazy dynamic. They share inside jokes and laugh together. There is no better way for me to relax and let down then by having them near and listening to them reconnect. Pure joy.

In two days we deliver the younger two to their respective colleges. Two more days to have my youngest babies near. To feed them well and love them up and grab as many hugs as I possibly can before they are gone. Another chance to fill them up with unsolicited mother wisdom… to make sure they have what they need before I am too far away to save them from the evils that lurk.

Two of the kids are home for now and I am a happy with melissa and eddie 2013


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