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Mother Love

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Another Kane wedding…another love story…families and friends coming together to celebrate…

The wedding itself was beautiful. The bride wore a glittery, sparkly dress with a gorgeous pouffe of something soft and billowy at the hem. My nephew was dashingly handsome in his black tuxedo and beaming smile. Set outside in a garden, with violin playing, and flowers in abundance…totally and completely – picture perfect. They said their vows and off we went to a grand room, festooned with tulle and twinkling lights. It was one of those “every little girl’s dream” kind of places and we were all so very happy for the newlyweds. Perfect match, perfect day, perfect place.


Joey and Nikki  created a strong bond long before they married. Joey is a soldier. Nikki was his childhood friend. When deployed to Afghanistan, she kept him going. She stayed in contact with him and kept him thinking about life outside of war. Once stateside, she helped him ease back into life after deployment. I have no idea what my precious young nephew endured in Afghanistan, but I know it was bad. And I prayed that he would be protected from physical and emotional harm. I think, without realizing it, I was actually praying for Nikki. Because I believe that Joey’s return to us, whole and intact, was in large part due to the love and concern Nikki had for him. So Joey proposed to his friend…

Such a beautiful story…such promise of a happy life together…

But, for me, the most special moment occurred during a conversation I had with my sister in law, the mother of the groom. Joey’s mom and I have many things in common. But we’ve had our disagreements too. And sometimes I’m not sure where I stand with her. This time it was different.

At the reception, my sister in law made her way to each dinner table, stopping to chat with guests.  At our turn, I mentioned that she was a lucky mom to have such a wonderful son and beautiful new daughter in law. Her eyes welled with tears. She told us that Joey had a bit of a rough time when he returned home from Afghanistan. She told us how Nikki helped save him. She told us she was so grateful for Nikki’s presence in their lives. We locked eyes…I don’t think I’ve ever looked that deeply at my sister in law. It was as if I could see inside her heart. And it was full of the purest kind of  love…mother love.


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