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Who I am and why I’m here

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I’m kick starting my blog in 2015 with the help of Blogging 101. My first assignment was to introduce myself. I’ve already done that on my  “About Me” page. This is what shows up:

“Hi! I’m Joan, a fifty-something mother of four, nearly launched kids; wife of the best triathlon Sherpa on the planet and triathlete. Three years ago I completed my first triathlon and since then I’ve been rediscovering myself through the sport. From multi sport training to nutrition to positive thinking, I’ve learned to redefine the term middle age!”

I wrote that 6 months ago when I created the blog. I suppose it defines me, but this blog is not just about me and the sport of triathlon. It’s more about my purpose as a middle-ager and my transition from full-time parent to emptynester…and how I came to realize its connection through my new-found passion for endurance sports.

Simply put, some things you really should know  about me:

  1. I’m a neat and tidy person; a super organized, compulsive straightener.
  2. I like to do repetitive tasks… shoveling, washing dishes, copying., riding my bike for hours on a trainer, swimming many hundreds of laps in a pool, running for miles and miles…you get the idea.
  3. I drink too much coffee.
  4. When I drink too much coffee I start to multitask, which tends to make me cranky (Coffee or multitasking? I’m not sure).
  5. I’m a rules follower.
  6. My best days are when everything is flowing harmoniously. No stress, arguments, pressure, deadlines.
  7. My husband and kids are the smartest, funniest, most creative, fair-minded and beautiful people on the planet and I thank God for them every day.
  8. I have magical powers when it comes to finding lost items. Just ask my family.

More to come as I redefine middle age!


One thought on “Who I am and why I’m here

  1. Lovin’ this Joan! Keep it coming my friend!! 😀


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