Good Natured Mom

We are all just walking each other home. -Ram Dass

Captain Obvious


Andrew needs glasses. No big deal, everyone else in the family has them. Glasses are the norm around here. We planned to take care of the details when he came home from college for fall break.

So as soon as Andrew got home, we hit the Warby Parker website and picked out five pair of frames for the at home try on. Super cool, super easy…now he just needs the exam prescription and in two weeks he’ll have his glasses.

So later that day we all head out to pick up Captain Obvious from the train station. Casey’s home on break too, which is awesome. Andrew is excited to share his big news about the glasses with his sister.

“Hey Case-face, I ordered 5 pair of frames to try on from Warby Parker. I’m getting glasses”

“So how does this work? They send you glasses to try on and then what?”

You send back the pairs you tried on and your prescription and tell them which frame you want. Then they send you your glasses.”

“So, did you have an eye exam?”

“No, not yet. This weekend.”

“Wait, you ordered 5 pair of glasses and you don’t even know if you need them? I went to the eye doctor one time when I thought I needed glasses and they told my my eyes were tired. I didn’t need glasses.”

There is a moment of silence…realization that she has pointed out the one, major gaff in this plan. We don’t even know for sure if Andrew needs glasses.


Thank God Captain Obvious has come home. I have no idea how we get through life without her.Casey 09042015


4 thoughts on “Captain Obvious

  1. Hi Good natured mom – your anecdote made me smile and chuckle. Perhaps your daughter should be called captain clever clogs! Thank you for bringing a smile to my face towards the end of my day.


  2. The tagline fits. I bet one day Captain Obvious will save the earth. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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