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We are all just walking each other home. -Ram Dass

Thinking out loud

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Triathlon training requires lots of time.
Lots of alone time.
And when I’m alone, I think about stuff.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this.” I say that before every race.

…about how selfish I become with my time
during triathlon training and racing season…

…about how much I talk about triathlon…

Stop talking, Joan!

Stop talking, Joan!

…about the fact that not many people care about triathlon…
…and that I probably bore them with my random musings…

…about how many times I used the words,
never, can’t, or won’t
because I was afraid to try something
and most certainly fail…

And then I rode up this nasty hill.

And then I rode up this nasty hill.

…about the fact that I do not use those words any longer…

…about my kids
and what they are doing with their lives
and how proud I am to be their mom…

kids with melissa and eddie 2013

Kids plus Eddie and Melissa…I consider them all my kids.

 …about turning hours of lap swimming
into hours of  prayer time…

Photo by Michael Verostek

Photo by Michael Verostek

…about what a cool guy my husband is
for supporting me in my triathlon adventures…

This was how we spent our anniversary...on a 10 mile trail run.

This was how we spent our anniversary…on a 10 mile trail run.

…about some of the inspirational folks I’ve met
in workouts, races and through fundraising events…

Team Isaac

Team Isaac 2013

…about the positive way this 56 year old body
has responded
to more exercise
than it has ever
experienced before…

Old Forge 2015

… and mostly about how
grateful and blessed
I am to be able to participate in triathlon.


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