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Serious Eats

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Oh – how I love the ADK Cafe in Keene, NY!

I asked the waiter/chef to describe the “grains and beans” vegetarian  option on the menu. He shrugged and said, “It’s probably rice with pinto beans. Or something like that…” The description was bland,

and he brought me THIS !!

 Beans and Grains ADK cafe 10312015

Two slices of fresh baked corn bread, pinto beans with home made pesto, diced cucumber with horseradish/ dill sauce, sweet potatoes baked to perfection, green beans, grapes, cherry tomatoes, cranberries, apple slices with a dollop of jam.

Delicious, right?

Seriously good eats.

Thank you ADK Cafe… you did not disappoint!


One thought on “Serious Eats

  1. This really looks yummy! 😀


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