Good Natured Mom

We are all just walking each other home. -Ram Dass

Mom’s always on call


A long weekend…
An extra day off to wander in the woods and climb over boulders and rock-hop through streams…
A day to forget about everything…work, to-do lists, schedules…

And then, in the middle of the densest part of the forest, you have a cell signal (the first one in hours) and your phone responds wildly…lighting up and chiming with some important message…

One of your children needs you…needs to talk…needs to unload, to vent, to share…

All that work you did to stay present, aware, mindful, as you step each step on loose rocks and over half hidden roots in these lush woods, is nothing like the awareness you have when your child is falling and needs a soft place to land. So you listen and comment and ask and listen some more. And hope the landing is soft.

Moms are always on call.

Mom’s always on call.


3 thoughts on “Mom’s always on call

  1. Perfect picture. 🙂

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