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We are all just walking each other home. -Ram Dass


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I had a very full work week; made more full by the fact that I took Monday off. An already busy five day agenda was crammed into four. And I haven’t been sleeping very well. Too much coffee during the day has a payback of less sleep than I got the night before. Perpetual, ridiculous cycle. But it’s done. Moving on. The end result is that I’m very, very tired. Mentally and physically.  And blogging is the last thing I want to do right now. I want to go to bed. But I’m blogging for 30 days straight and so…

Even though I was out of my mind tired, Tim and I drove to see some of our triathlon friends/ teammates. Some we haven’t seen since August or before.

How is it that meeting up with folks who share your passion; who love to talk about their upcoming race schedule; or their crazy popular Instagram account; or that they watched a football game together on the tv in the bathroom because the kids were watching a movie on the tv in the living room; can be so energizing? From the moment we sat down together it’s all talk and laughter…

I’m putting words to this moment because I’m so tired I might forget how wonderful it felt to see these guys after such a draining week…and to reconnect with them away from the race circuit. Away from the stress of competition. This team is special and I want to remember how good it felt to see Team Migonis Multisport tonight.

No less sleepy than before, I’m headed for bed. G’night Matt, Ryan, Scott, Emily, Matt, Dana, Greg, Travis and Randy! Until next time…



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