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We are all just walking each other home. -Ram Dass

Just keep writing…

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Anyone else having trouble getting through 30 straight days of blogging? My last few posts have been short. I’ve been up way past my bedtime trying to get something posted. My brain has been blank…absolutely nothing there worth sharing.

So why is it that I create brilliant posts when I’m running? Or driving? Or meditating? Pretty much anytime I am not near a computer or pad of paper and pen…its maddening. But maybe those ideas aren’t any better. They just sound better in my head than they do on paper.

Today I started a post about my life as a stay at home mom. It was horrible. I sounded so self aggrandizing. No, no, no… I stayed home with my kids when they were little because I loved them and couldn’t bear having someone else be with them all day long.  That was it. My post was a list of all the things I did around the house. I didn’t even mention the kids. Delete.

Yesterday I posted my top 5 Christmas movies…which would have been a much better read (with descriptions and explanations) if I hadn’t been soooo ready for bed when I wrote it. Lame. I will write more about why I love those particular movies later. Maybe…

The day before that was my Six Word Saturday challenge. I had a picture and six words. That’s it. I love the picture and what it says, but it wasn’t a very strong post.  I guess I should be okay with that.

Here’s the thing. I signed up for the NaBloPoMo challenge because I wanted to be challenged. Pushed, stretched, mentally exercised. And I am being pushed. Because, honestly, my idea well is bone dry. I have nothing to say of interest to anyone, including myself. And I am going to keep writing until the creative dam bursts.

As an athlete I know that growth occurs after I strive to achieve a new fitness goal. I stress my muscles and they respond with increases in strength, flexibility and endurance. I want the same thing to happen with my writing.



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