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We are all just walking each other home. -Ram Dass

Silent Night


I’m sitting here at the computer, listening to the Charlie Brown Christmas album… thinking about how quiet it is tonight. And how much I have to do to get ready for tomorrow…but I’m still sitting. It’s okay. This sitting time is important to my current state of well being.

My uncle died last night. He was 94. He was a  World War II hero. He adored his wife and his girls and they loved him right back. He had many, many friends. He was a character. Full of opinions and stories. Well read, well spoken…very much a one of a kind guy. I haven’t seen him in several years, but through the magic of social media, I’ve been able to keep up with his antics. I’m going to miss seeing what he’s been up to.

I’m going to miss you, a lot, uncle.

My mom called to tell me the sad news, that her brother had died. We knew it was coming. It always comes…it’s part of what happens after you’re born. And his health declined after he had the flu last winter…or early spring…I forget. It doesn’t matter, really. But we’ve been bracing for the day when my cousin would call and tell us he was gone. My mom said, “No matter how much you prepare yourself, it doesn’t make death any easier.” She’s right.

He died 11 years, to the day, after his beloved wife died. I believe she called his name last night and said, “Come now. It’s beautiful here. You will love this place. You and I will love this place together. For eternity.”

Trenton Falls


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  1. Beautiful post, Joan. Love to you.

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