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We are all just walking each other home. -Ram Dass


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Inspired by NPR’s This American Life (episode 52 :Transformers), I thought I’d go down a very narrow rabbit hole on life changes brought on by parenting. Some transformations are abrupt and startling, others are subtle transitions. All make life unique and interesting and make us who we are.

The most obvious transformation, for me, was becoming a mother. I had nine months to ponder the situation, and perhaps even prepare for the big unknown. But honestly and truly, when they hand you that little tiny human being and you hold it for the first time…there is a shocking, I mean earth quaking realization that your world is forever changed. Knowing that this person will not survive if you are not totally on your A game, at all times, is an incredibly transformational experience.

Subtle transformation takes place as you learn to parent. Think about it this way; you vowed to make sure you never sounded like your own parents, in terms of their unbearably unfair set of rules or outdated dress code or whatever. (This, I believe is some sort of throw back to teen age angst.) But then, of course, you hear yourself say certain phrases that your mother would say. Or you apply your father’s style of discipline to your naughty child. And you begin to understand the wisdom of the ages. Old school parenting begins to makes sense and you realize that “doing this for your own good” actually means “I love you and I want you to learn something from this situation.” And you transform again.

Over and over again, the cycle repeats. Change and growth occur alongside every joy and sorrow; every proud moment and every moment that brings pain or hurt. Every situation brings you more experience. Every experience brings you more change.

This life time of experience, little by little, produces a new creation. Like a work of art…transformed by life.


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