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When is a bowl, not a bowl?


Life is funny. Or maybe I’m just really tired. But whatever. Thinking about tonight’s dinner makes me giggle.

Tonight for dinner I ate a bowl…you know, a”bowl”.  Quinoa, purple cabbage wedges glazed in balsamic vinegar, broccoli, black beans and cilantro, roasted beets, and salsa. On a plate. (lol)

Let’s just say my palate has changed.

And I’m totally fixated on @runningonveggies Instagram account. She makes these little chocolate cookies with black beans and I don’t know what else…but I’m thinking about trying them because they sound so good. (Who eats black bean cookies???) Here’s the recipe. You decide.

Plus, I’ve subscribed to Matt Frazier’s website No Meat Athlete  and now I make a green smoothie everyday for breakfast. And eat a salad for lunch. Because Matt said to. Geesh…

These are only two examples of people I follow on social media who eat clean, healthy, no junk,  plant based food.

I’m not a nutritionist, chemist, certified health professional… so I’ve really got nothing to go on when I follow these experts and decide to eat plants, plants and more plants. I don’t know how it effects my body, cells, gut biome, or head space.  I just do what they say. I’m a sheep. Baa…

Except that I feel amazing. So whatev’…I think I’ll keep it up and see if I’ll live to be 200.




2 thoughts on “When is a bowl, not a bowl?

  1. Those cookies sure do look good! Definitely gonna have to try them!:)

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    • They do look good! I’ve made several of Lottie’s recipes – mostly the cookies and energy bars. She can find creative ways to throw vegetables into everything and uses very little sugar. Give those chocolate cookies a try and let me know what you think.

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