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On “Leaning On”…

A cyclist/friend of mine shared a story about the time he was riding with a large group. They rode in formation; two by two. The rider next to him lost her balance some how (due to a soft road shoulder or she lost her concentration and drifted…who knows?). As she and her bike leaned toward my friend, he instinctively knew to lean back toward her. He was able to drop his shoulder and push her upright. She regained her balance and realized he saved her from falling and quite possibly from taking the whole group of riders down with her. He remained stable and strong as she regained her posture. She popped back upright, said “Hey, thanks!” and continued the ride. Just like that.

If you ride a bike you understand that my friend has mad bike skills and a whole lot of bike riding experience. I’m not sure my instincts would have led me to lean into a falling person. His reaction to a near miss accident was calm, smart and it worked.

It made me think about the times I lean in looking for support
or am leaned on by someone who needs it.

I’m not so good at being leaned on.
Especially if you lean on me and ask for advice….then you do the opposite of what I’ve said.
Or if you are a heaping anxious mess of a person and want me to validate your anxiety. I can’t support that.

All this discussion about leaning on made me think about dear friend I saw the other day. She texted me and said that seeing me helped her feel grounded. I’m glad I could give her that gift.

I’m glad she felt my grounded-ness could be leaned on for a moment. And that I was able to offer support.


As triathlon season approaches and my training increases, I find I have more blog posts that bubble up inside my brain (which almost always occur on long bike rides, swims or runs) and less energy to write them down. Trust me, these insights are brilliant. I’m sorry you have to miss them…she said tongue firmly planted in cheek. The plan is to get back on track this month.

Have a great day blog readers! March is here! Be happy and grateful.


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23 days in…

gary henderson

I’m 23 days in to the 30 day blog challenge. I’m starting to …just barely starting to understand what writing is all about; what having a blog is all about; what my thoughts are all about. Putting head space into words is difficult. I can do it when I’m running, or swimming or meditating. But after a busy day, when I finally sit down to write, there are no words to match my thoughts. Yes, I do travel with a notebook. And yes, that helps…but it’s not enough to sustain the 30 day flow of words and meaning.

There are some a-mazing bloggers who post beautiful photos and find words to match that beauty. Gorgeous. There are bloggers who have found the intersect between story telling and some x factor. I find their subjects completely captivating…even though I have no idea what they are talking about. The family and life style bloggers offer glimpses into their daily routines. They make the most simple experiences sacred…baby’s first steps, dogs and children lying in a sunbeam together, things like that. I’m not in their league.

Some evenings, I’ll sit and read through tons of  blog posts. I’ll hope that something will light a creative spark in me. Sometimes it happens. The spark may be that  clearer sense of voice that I want my writing to have. Or it might be that I have the tiniest grain of an idea or a piece of knowledge, or an experience that I think might be worth sharing. And I find the courage, through someone else’s courage, to write it down.  And to push “publish”.  Sometimes I am so freaking awed by the talented writing out there… and the writers ability to go really deep into the weeds and still manage to make sense, good sense, out of the details …The spark can be in knowing that if I stick with this, I might be a worthy writer too.

So that, my friends, is my day 23 post. Now you know all of my secrets. My creative struggles. My baby blogger issues. Let’s hope day 24 brings renewed vigor and and awesome post!